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    I think rockabilly is the neatest thing since sliced bread, but I don’t understand why modern rockabilly guitar players strive to find the perfect guitar and amplifier try and capture that “old sound.”  

    The electric guitar sounded really shitty back then. The effects available at the time were weak as fuck and producers hadn’t figured out how make guitars sound good. That shit came long after Elvis joined the Army. 

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    How putting on a tie makes me feel

    How putting on a tie makes me feel

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    *4 months

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    Anonymous asked: Psst. I just have to say thank you for inspiring me to vlog. It was your determination and example that convinced me to return to youtube and to try vlogging. Thank you.


    Being as my last video made over 6 months ago, I feel undeserving of your kind words. Thank you very much!

    Shameless plug:

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    LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis

    By now you’ve realized that my taste is impeccable, so there’s no need for me to try and convince you to watch.

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    In which Louis is undoubtedly the best comedian alive.

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